Warrior’s Credo Part 3: Duty, Discipline and Devotion In Post-Modern American Society

The burden of bondage, as suggested in the Part 2 section, has multiple implications, higher dimensions of thought, action, and concerns the strenuous demand for transformation. From the basic intricacies, to the more complex issues of personality, the passage is a treacherous and tortuous adventure of self-evolution. Each aspect pays homage to the inner indescribable human principles of creative potency that is individually mysterious. As no one person has all the answers, or for that matter any particular conclusion, the scope and density of human thinking is vast.As used here this “spirituality or energy” refers to those unknown, unseen and unexplainable manifestations of human creation from ideation to action. Existence and evolution or devolution are difficult to surmise. By myth, superstition and metaphor, magical thinking pretends to know the unknowable to every extent imaginable. But for nature-nurture, the knowing is complex and multidimensional. No foolproof comprehension has been made absolutely, definitively and perfectly conclusive about much of anything regarding human behavior. And, while humanity invites its extinction by intentional stupidity of conduct, schools of thought claim certain areas of philosophical speculation. All viewpoints are arguable.Regardless, of Edenic ideations, nomadic pontifications, and deadly dogmas, the seeded fruition of fictitious shallow fields in erroneous and disastrous explanations begs scientific sufficiency. A universe of speculations fostered cultivation of inventive fantasies. The brave dare question the anxieties of emotional escapism. Layer upon layer, cropping the insightful vegetative growth for hopeful maturity, mythologies abounded and became useful metaphors for colorful interactivity.But for the valiant few, a small faction labors on to pursue the higher realms of a crusade of crimson character. By duty, discipline and devotion, the probability of the 25%, or the 1 out 4, accept the burden of self-differentiation. From an ancient parable, some get it and some do not. They wallow in the self-misery of their own creation. As to the fewer, for such a hero’s quest, as some have called the hunt, or the journey, in the “monomyth”, the trans-differentiation requires change. It is an extraordinary trek into a “rebirth”, or a “born again” self-evolution, into the enlightenment of a better version than the original self. Many will oppose and oppress these efforts.Still though, resigned to surrender and self-pity, most give up, whine, complain, assert their “victimization”, and demand their “entitlement”. Ill prepared by choice, failing the innate claim of creativity and inventiveness, many falter in the end. Relying on myth and magic, the conjuring of con artists in the trappings of gurus and sages, their simplicity of thought endangers the human species. Fearful in weakness, courage has little hope, but feigns the disingenuous cries of untested battles.Some will do grievous acts against others, while some commit foolish sacrifices for the wrong reasons. But, a warrior strives to know the distinction, as the unknown remains elusive and cryptic, and the hunt never ends. Which battles to fight, which wars to engage, and which conflicts to keep for the insight of personal ascendency. What, if any, becomes the ultimate learning curve? The second sight of sixth senses, and beyond, offers the willful seduction to more sensual introspection.Sensuality of personal liberation, psychic freedom and profound interpersonal exchanges offer possibilities for appreciating the higher realms of differentiation. Such is all about individual sexuality and unleashing its potency. But, keen alertness warns of the deceptions to seduce to intentional stupidity by the contrivances of others. For many, they embrace the arrogance of ignorance in abject malevolence. Too afraid not to conform, they restrict their self-evolution to a regressive devolution. Dark and scary, the quest is to go to the depths, or the levels, or whatever the expanse is perceived.Diving deep inside the metaphysical realms of thinking, it is the primacy of personal alteration to wiser options of transformation. Maturity knows no boundaries of perfection for which the call is to be differentiated is a personal and special evolution. Nonetheless, most will not accept that journey. Creativity of self-evolution is a revolution, the likes of which diminishes and fades culturally conformity with each passing moment.For that, solitude provides the basis for serious introspection. Separateness invokes the willful necessity of embracing the darkness to fire the furnace of imagination. As the shadows close in, the distractions loom close to steal the moment of individuality. Others will conspire to distract and dissuade the drive for ascendency. A personal crusade fights the oppressions that ensure and engulf the mindful innovations of liberation. Even down to the darkness of frequent dreams in slumber, the other side is to be relished and embraced and inspire self-evolution to perfect a better version that before.For the warrior, in the beginning the mandate is to go on the self-journey of liberated exploration. As though an echo from previous historical architypes had warned, the quest is one of individuation, become well-differentiated from the others. The preliminary stages demand the apprentice to stop whining, complaining and playing the role of personal victimization. Nothing to the externality of being is a precursor, nor collaborator in a contrived scheme of excuses. Emotional reactivity is harnessed for the satiation of its attendant creativity. Stupidity only claims a faster demise.An important part of the admonition is to get the self in order and be disciplined to prevail against the stresses. Neither princess of selfie significance, nor jockey prince of post-pubescent fame, will find lasting status in a self-proclaimed name. For such, it is to be satisfied with humble sufficient station and place and not care about what others want. With that, the warrior desires nothing from anyone, nor a desire to be like another. Yet, yearns for the liberation of deeply thought behaviors. Such is to fight back to grab the mystery of anticipation and recognize the liberty of unleashing the freedom.Most will not want to be free, and prefer instead the pursuit of selfishness in the constant promotion of primal neediness. On the “battlefield” of the crusade, some will fight for what is right by the virtue of self-sacrificing intention. Others will stand by and let someone else fight for them, or embrace the redundancy of regressive demise. The cowardly, caught up in the world of their own deceit, typically condescend those who do the righteous battles. They let others, the few, protect them. And, forget that life does not come without the bloody communion of self-sacrifice. The revolution is now.The crimson crusade of character, for the evolution of personalities within, is complex compounding of organic energy convergence. Whether for good and evil, the balance is to learn the essence of both, from lightness of awakened state, into the darkness of slumbering diversions. Warriors strive to understand the nature of such things, and value the weight of their personal burdens, by casting off the bondage. Yet, ignorance, that devolves to stupidity, is intentional and forges the chains of doubt.From the slavery of thought, the freedom is held in the expanse of uninhibited liberation. Creative evolving to higher states of ascendency nobler exhibitions of humility. But, such is not a spectrum that gives license to cruelty, arrogance, condescension, criminality, insulting behaviors and so on.As to the menace of the “thought police”, and intolerance of the “socially correct anarchists”, the primal truths of endless ages slumber in the razor edged swords of loftier wisdom. Sheathed from fearful public viewing, the courageous exploits of sharped openly exposed minds hunt for exploration poignant revelations. For the warrior, such is a sword that cuts in multidimensional perspectives. It penetrates deep beyond the superficial armor of the weak minded, the hesitant and the cowardly.

Up and down, the thrust and pump of liberation, across and through the ideation of seasoned knowing and doing, invites a higher ascension. Acceptance is of freewill. Not wanting to be servants of corruption, true knights of the precepts charge into the bitter coldness of the social intercourse of human warfare. Overcoming and energizing the fears, the warrior faces courageously the need to slay the dragons of deceit, despair and dejection. He or she performs the primary rescue from those that relish in oppression, tyranny and submission. To the soldier of life, their character rests on the precipice of experience, and not the stale moldy corridors of safe havens and comfortable places.Those rhetorical centers of untested self-serving speculations, absent the familiarity of bloodied and wounded encounters, such weakness only begs terminal enslavement. The rogue warrior, the ronin, for each knighthood of selflessness, he or she earns the know-how of skill in the practice of learned ways. In the quest, they cut off the scaled tentacles of demonic dominions that seek to possess and control an evolving progression. The crusade of the crimson character comes with multilayered costs. And yet, nothing is ever without its consequences and confrontations. For that matter, not much comes without its price to pay. Often a ransom for release from bondage requires a sacrifice.For the badness, the criminality, and the darkness of human nature, that which can be ascribed as evil, it will always pursue and persist. But, for the rogue, it can only disturb where it is manufactured and grown within a mental reference. Wickedness will always find profit in various forms for the ill-intentions of those choosing the ignorant, less evolved and easy way out. Stupidity in thought and action foment the regression into malevolence for gainful credence in deceptive pretenses. But for the crimson crusade, the valiant ones press on in the enlightened journey of individual transformation. All sensations in memory and presence pervade in the impetus to embolden the journey. Such is to leave and cleave to those things that enhance the spiritual edge.The warrior within knows the true meaning of the personal quest, which is an intellectual battle in warfare over matter versus energy. From which, the lessons to be learned are that learning never ceases. Many things come and go, but little changes, except those who change. For the meanings are to be found in the darkness, or the dark side of individuality. To seek liberation is of the utmost courageous effort to find freedom in those dark realms. No doubt, scary things will be found. Frightening and bone chilling things live there. But ignorance in the hesitance to explore and discover and find differentiation is the basis for cowardice and avoids such adventures.Cowardice comes in diverse forms and found in many places. Across a wide spectrum, or spatial continuum, fearful weakness has become more prevalent. More to the point, the sense of moral courage, or serious determined dedication to ethical precepts, suffers the betrayal of salacious selfishness. Of such, “con artists” of many types, and their followers, foment the devolving spiral of dishonesty. By various schemes and sinister plots, they use misleading, defrauding and deceptive means.As the warrior maintains vigilance, the combat of mental energies engages on many levels. To that end, he or she remains alert, skeptical and to stand his or her ground. For every moment, the brave ones study, train and learn, then study some more. Deception is everywhere, masked by the arrogant pretentiousness of many malefactors. Yet, those few who persist in their transformation do not forsake the hard work of constantly preparing themselves. By creative imagination, courage presses on for change.By artistry, imagination to composition, the intuitive senses gain manifold presence within a multidimensional context of insightfulness. Whatever the passion is, the urgency is the innovation in self-liberation and ascendency to a more detached state of understanding. For the lost, the unevolved and foolish, opposing the challenge of inventiveness shirks the individual responsibility for wiser maturation. Many will lay claim to the fame of their stupidity and embrace instability of weakness.The emotional reactivity portends the adversity of devolving subjectivity. Pulling in the treason of a false reality for the sake of dysfunctional personality. Divisive and bulling aggression falters its transformation for selflessness in positive pursuits. Instead, the amative desire to abuse and dominate others, to assert the ignorance of power and control for the negativity of personal gain widens the destruction.Cowardly behaviors express an unevolved and regressive perpetration of mindless neglect. For the warrior, cowardice at the moment of hesitation is a pause for self-assessment. Introspection sets the stage for mindful considerations that may come in nanosecond of insight. And yet, by faulty and fictitious belief systems, followed cowardly by emotionally simplistic acceptance, many betray the very essence of their humanity. Stupidly they plod through the maze of distractions that steal possibilities of wonderment. Deception is potent and used often by selfish people.By mass scale of voluntary servitude to the status quo, the subservience trudges among the daily drudgery toward a brief journey’s end. Yet, unmoved by the dire brevity of once chance to grow wiser, the slog of the wanderings, in personally divisive proclivities, perpetrates a devolving social bloodletting. By way of deception, in commerce, government and infotainment, magical thinking in the illusions of the pseudoscience realms, foment psychic hemorrhaging. The gasps of the death knell spews defaming regression from healing expectations.But for the personal crusade of the braver ones, they cry out for the sacrifice of the crimson character, in the valor of self-evolution. For a warrior to bleed in the liberation of freely choosing to take risks, he or she knows the coming dangers. Yet, peeling away the layers of psychic conflicts, imposed by the crowded conformity of oppressive intolerance, requires extraordinary sacrifices of oneself.Level upon level, the modern day knight rises from the depths of darker thoughts, to persevere to more profound spheres of creativity, in mind, body and energy. Building upon the dangers of youthful experiences, and overcoming the fears of private internal dungeons, each must find his or her own passage. The willingness to do battle must always be present, persistent and prepared, and others will oppose every effort. That inner drive to engage the duality of good and evil must never falter.For which, the warrior, of many walks of life, seeks answers to dangerous questions, and escape from the bondage of conformity that stifles imagination. Many will never know the lurid things that linger close by, lurk in the shadows and approach as friendly. Nevertheless, transformation is not without threats along the pathway. Avoiding the encounters necessary to further development is an avenue of cowardice. Failing to go on the trek, and persist in differentiation, degrades the prospects of illumination.Metaphorically speaking, a lack of imaginative processes, curtails the probability of refined cultivation for sufficiency in self-reliance. Liberation is the key to formulating an evolving process of personal change. Differentiation toward liberation is more than a day’s work. It is a lifestyle enveloped in a belief system, transforming over time. No quick fix of lasting impression goes effortlessly. There are no shortcuts or quick and easy answers. Absent are the stress-free, cheap and simple solutions.From diverse situations, circumstances and conditions, the quest is dynamic, as change occurs rapidly. Yet, many prefer to stay in the past, lurk within a two-dimensional simplicity, and show subservience to pretentious authority, like Hollywood stars. Meanwhile, pundits spins the same gambit. Most fail to see the need to alter course and do things of a different nature, experience the diversity of life and alternative forms of living in a reality of common sense. Flexibility demands focus.At the same time, the courage of adaptability summons the necessity to be imaginatively creative. Innovation, exploring the edges of non-consensus and non-conformity, in self-motivated endeavors, offers opportunities for discovery. But for selfishness in the arrogance of egoistic intentions, the quest falls short of achieving eventual purposes. So many obstacles present limitations. Constraints set the bondage of normalcy and the bindings of mediocrity to stifle individuality.With the onset of an oppression of individualism, conventionality confounds the essence of open-minded free willed thinking. It is among the valiance few, the brave warriors who insist upon the yearning of constant exploration. For most, giving up is the quickened death of the unenlightened persistence to relish in undifferentiated stagnation. For others, merely a handful of courageous individuals, there is bravery in pursuing the nature of abnormality by embracing the freedom of ideation in different realms.Being different is a risk and a challenge. To strike out in singularity. Not a copy of someone else’s experiences, celebrity status, or smug piety of supernatural belief system, nor socio-economic elevation, but a determined focus on credible authenticity. Many pretend at claiming their ostentatious “expertise”, and frequently digress to the value of their “expert opinion”. On closer inspection of such self-centered assertions, what is the bone fide actuality of the alleged prestigious perspective? As most claims are opinion and not a court of law’s validation of expert opinion, such things are questionable.As opinions remain simply that, alternatives speculate other probabilities. Outside the reach of scientific validation, of essential necessity, character marks the line between the warrior and the novice. Those without scars do not know the essence of conflict, a good moral fight beyond the reaches of conformity and consensus. As such, those without real world sensations, tested in trials of combat, deficient in the challenges of experience, cannot debate the necessary elements of personal battles.Such failure of living the efficacy of reality, bloody, battered and humiliated, yet dedicated to the cause of transformation, those of stifled and limited perspective remain infantile and unevolved. From that, typically, the smug piety of arrogant ignorance willfully reinforces the malevolence of dangerous inflictions. By contrast, the tested knight pursues the right, diligent and stable, constantly evolving, less than perfect, he or she accepts the diverse courses of personal action.Silence and solitude, in humble meditation, a warrior ascends to those higher planes of multidimensional thought. At every moment, he or she provokes the stretch of conventional thinking and practice into the spheres of independence and freedom. Accepting predetermined oppressive rules of conduct may not be applicable to a given situation. Nonetheless, he or she tries to do what is best. Or, for that matter, a particular struggle or engagement is met with the noblest of intentions.Other times, the valiant ones, the few heroes that are left, must stand alone on the communal precipice of ridicule laced with malevolent repercussions. In the quest of the warrior’s travels, no guarantees are offered, no entitlements expected, no special treatments anticipated, only individuality of selflessness. For that, no safe havens harbor the weary, not matter the battles that hardened veterans engage. The doctrinaire liberalism of safety at any price leads to devolving regression.For those who fight, others hide and sue for peace, at the expense of others and the sacrifice of personal liberation. Nevertheless, masses and multitudes of cowards thrive and prevail in the inequity of human contrivances in all places and constituencies. For many, the negativity is their righteousness of projected self-doubt and sexual dysfunction. As they would rather condemn than join in the liberation of the greatest good for the greatest number. Plundering and exploiting others for the degenerative enrichment of themselves, they know neither honor nor valor in the face of personal struggle.A good fight means bloodied minds, senses and bodies, with sometimes badly injured physicality. Bleeding wounds of thought and tissue that may never heal, as certain death waits for revenge that might be the only relief for some. Regardless, the warrior knows the reality of these torturously sad experiences. Yet, the profane fool themselves in the folly of their pious arrogance of non-involvement. Willful engagement in the impoverished trials and tribulations of human existence are vital.Gory, blood-spattered passions often survive the test of each time. For the purpose of life to live as a life of value, worth and credence, to stand firmly balanced upon one’s own two-footed liberation, chances the transformation of freedom. A testimony held privately, to project another person’s selfish vengeance, remains sacredly opposed to crowded encirclement of emptiness. Something meaningful and heartfelt in the sense of a warrior mindset appreciates the moments of terror for the eventual peace.The spectral landscape of human conduct is littered with decaying bodies of despair and devolving debauchery. Minds wasted on the trivial and distracting mental trickery of age upon age without profound transformation. By scams and schemes, little boys and girls dressed as adults, pretending to know what they do not know, invite the onset of an apocalypse. By the stupidity of purposeful ignorance, playing on playgrounds games they barely understand, or do not know at all, hasten the extinction.For most, it is the stagnant persistence of not changing for the sake of breaching the status quo. Allegiance to warn out dogma, rutted and entrenched doctrines long extinct and fearful mediocrity to safeguard selfishness satiates just getting by as desirably sufficient. Where stupidity avoids responsibility, the superficiality of the lazy challenge is enough for most. Staying child-like, grasping for the glory days of high school antics is more important for some, as maturity is too demanding.Growing up demands more faithfulness to duty, discipline and devotion to the relentless development of oneself. To harness the power of all the personalities and proclivities lurking inside the sensory array is a haunted mind too scary for the majority. For those who fought for principles over pretentious practices, the required fortitude demands courageous focus and liberation. Rather than gloating in the hollow victory of the moment, a valiant few fight on with a disdain for self-aggrandizing attention. They struggle for the internal war’s final victory. Not the immediate fame of the instant.Self-gratification always curries favor with the admiration of conceited indulgence. Valor, bravery and fearlessness surge to the surface of feelings, emotions and wishes. And yet, for many, the triumph of will is short lived. Success is a brilliant star which shines for a limited time. Then vanishes into the cosmic reaches of lost illusions. Meanwhile, stupidity gains a foothold to breach intellectual bastions. Soon the mental flashes of glory turn to the gory notions of severed impressions. Fleeting is the notoriety of celebrity status. Prominence in one thing is not the same in everything.And yet, for all the mass communications, the advocacy of high order intelligence is not a priority. And, in response, honesty in every aspect of human exhibition, in revelation of the truth remains a shadowy figure in the night. Reality for the multitudes is reinvented to fit the darkness of the moment and promote the bloat of gluttonous materiality. Perceptions sneak up behind observations and taint the view.For personal intentions, the mask of falsehood flashes over the genuineness of legitimacy for liberated transformation. In spite of the fact that techno advances make easy our credible pursuits, most enjoy ignorance to remain in the bliss and malevolence that enjoys frequent company in mass suffering. Over air, land and sea, energy waves offer invisible pretenses of enlightenment, but advocate stupidity. Alleged sharing and caring, warring factions pervade the religiosity of self-interests in dogmas of hateful vengeance that infect the politics of institutional conformity.

Of the “sheep-people”, the many that are afraid, unskilled and meekly docile, will pay the wolf’s wages at any price to keep them safe. But for those who keep the watch, the betrayal does not go unnoticed. For their treachery, the golden compensations do not suffice to cover the guilt of their cowardice. Many gladly pay the malevolent mercenaries among us for the satiation of their amative gratifications. For if they really wanted to stop the maladies of humankind, they simply would do it.Sure, swift and certain retribution could come quickly. But for the warrior, a blood oath binds adherence to the steady flow of sacrifice and not giving up. Knightly ways in the service of others requires fortitude on many levels. To save the many, the few give their most. Successes come and go, as in the breaths of life forego. Each one singled out for the individual reason, for the occasion of each valiant season. Dedication to a cause that elevates transformation never fails to stir the imagination.Formless spheres of thought find fruition in the fantasy of ideation. Overall, the “psychic energy”, libidinous instigation stirs the creativity to formulate action. Innovative or destructive, the seduction has two pathways. From which, cloudy daydreams fancy the hopes and desires of unreality altering to reality. Some, given time, will get it. Some do not ever want to know what it is their inner being is about. Many forget it over time, never to go to those dangerous places, because of fear into hesitance, to complacency to enslavement of communal conformity. To trek the journey inward and change is too much work, so there are distractions, such as the gluttony of consumerism.Ones that seek the boundless stretches of neural transformations, they know the treachery yet to be discovered. Around every corner, there is the “gothic castle” in the blackened valleys that endanger individuation. Ghosts, goblins and gremlins form an alliance with the other monsters that frightened the timid, the cowardly and the foolish. Each, at his or her election, must go in and enter the dungeons that wait.Find the tomb and walk among the dead. Of which, a warrior senses the eternal connectivity to the various levels of energy fluctuations. Powerful energies bonding the network of webbed creations in cosmic interactivity. Yes, all of which could be allegory, guesswork and mere fanciful speculation. So that, if all things are linked, then everything is relational which should invite the rational. Thus, the importance of associations. Of one form or another, that ties together the necessity for wiser and mature insight.With the psyche seared through by the spikes of battle, the senses skewer the nexus of thought for tireless efforts to transform. In the end, the stab of forfeit becomes real in giving up the grotesque from of materiality, selfishness and the impropriety of stupidity. The passage is made narrow by the requirements of the trip because such a journey is deadly and demands courage of serious dedication. Each elemental fiber of the being strains in the struggle. Stress lets go its divine afflictions for greater purposes.Selfless acts of courage are few. As selfish acts of self-indulgence are more appealing. For the warrior, the way is one of integration of learning. Making utility of the tools and tactics to furtherance of the craft. Melding the necessity of life’s lessons into the forms of combat readiness. Strength in knowledge to advance the good cause. Substance over symbolism is in service instead of subservience. It is the hero’s quest and the reality of each test. Fact as opposed to fiction. Some will be warriors and others will not.For the crusade of crimson character, many are too afraid and mourn much for their shortcomings in the loss of their mediocre sense of security. Avengers are different from betrayers. The valiant ones are less numerous than those of villainy and treachery. And, so in fact, are they unique from the many crafters of fiction and folly. They are neither poor in spirit, nor inheritors of a great kingdom, an aristocracy, or even the silver spoons of an oligarchic ascendency. Protectors realize the loneliness of their calling, as they keep watch in the shadows. Freedom fighters, liberators and rescuers find solace in the services they render. Individual and self-reliant, they know their mindset.A crusade for a crimson character is that which continues the selflessness of enlightened maturity for higher transformation. He or she, the soldier, is rebellious by purposeful nature for the betterment of oneself, not for the selfishness of illicit gain. One comes to understand the obligation of service given his or her gifts, skills and talents. In so doing the humble things, without regard for notice or notoriety, he or she knows the station to which one has arrived. As such, all the senses, beyond the basic five of usual consensus, laboriously strive for the rational reason of one’s placement in time and space, attendant to the individual instigation of evolutionary cosmic forces.The skill of peace and the skill of war evolve in an understanding of both, for the sanctification of growing beyond the fixation on childish things or the criticisms of others. The duality is a kinship, because confrontations will never end and sustainability is wiser realms requires exceptional maturation of detachment. However, selfishness will preclude transition from immaturity to evolving ascendency if care and caution are not warranted in the moments of respite that pervade the illusions.To which, the principle of the practice is to harmonize the two. Be ready just in case the attack unfolds, as such enemies come in diverse forms and fashions. Recognize the eventual possibility. Stay alert and vigilant for the potential inevitability. Ensure the senses apprehend the periphery. Living by the precepts, the righter of wrongs is the poet warrior. He or she recites the guardian’s message. Ancient to present sentinels protecting the realms of existence. The mindset must be fixated on the determination to prevail regardless of opposition. Transient footsteps trek across the temporary nature of terrestrial existence. Time is no respecter of individuals. From dawn to sunset, and in between, opportunities exist. Other variations are on the move, coming and going.For the warrior, the crimson crusade of individual consciousness separates the novice from the practitioner, but must be felt to the core of existence. To go and return, a better version than the original, demands well-fought journey. Many battles are to be found to discover one’s true nature. Because growing up comes with the dangerous calamity of maturity and enlightened ascendency. Knowledge and understanding, wisdom in self-evolution, pays no respect or homage to the stupid and the inept. In the personal order of thinking things, in the primacy of ideation, the challenge of combat needs the chaos of disordered conceptions. Scrupulous corrections evolve in the continuum of lifelong learning outside the protected confines of safe mediocrity and impotent non-creativity. For which, learning breaches tedious distractions of foolish inactivity and unliberated self-gratification. For the warrior, it is a crusade of crimson character.